Publications & Case Studies
Some typical project title (Illustrative only)
Manufacturing Sector

  • 1. Reduction of Color Throw of Cation Resin
    2. Reduction of Cracks and Pieces in Cation Resin
    3. Reduction MP Beads Cycle Time
    4. Improve the MP Beads Yield
    5. Reduce Costs associated with B & C class procured Items
    6. Improve the Process of Order Confirmation to Dispatch so as to meet the Cycle Time
    7. Flow able Cation Cycle Time Reduction
    8. Reduce cycle time in handing over of IBR folder to Commercial
    9. Reduction of Radiography Rework
    10. Establish & Improve T2
    11. Reduce the Shortages of Material
    12. Reduction of order Processing Cycle Time
    13. Improve the process of Supply Chain Management
    14. Reduction of Cost Variation in Industrial Washing Machine
    15. Improve OEE of Welding Machine
    16. Improve OEE of TB-80 (Tube Bending Machine)
    17. Improve the process of Alloy Steel SAW Welding
    18. Determination of predictive maintenance schedules of CNC drilling machines
    19. Improve the Efficiency Of Hydraulic Pumps
    20. Improve the Energy Efficiency ratio in hermetically sealed compressor
    21. .Minimization of the incidences of defects in Solder Masking process
    22. Reduction of rejections due to handling of PCBs
    23. Reducing the variations and thus minimize the rejections due to dimensional inaccuracies at Routing
    24. Optimization of Hot Air Leveling process parameters for reducing the thickness variation and shorts
    25. Minimization of rejection at Inner layer lamination
    26. Maximization of the yield in Alkaline Etching
    27. Control of H2O2 concentration in Micro Etching
    28. Minimization of the line width variation in inner layer track
    29. Improving the quality of Solder Masking
    30. Optimization of cycle time of PCB manufacturing
    31. Reduction of variation in plating thickness at pattern plating
    32. Reduction of incidences of rework of PWBs of solder mask process
    33. Improvement of Hole Quality of Drilled Holes in PWBs
    34. Reduce Rejections due to LWR at Alkaline Etching Process
    35. Improvement of Process capability in Drill Hole positional characteristics and Routed dimensional characteristics of PWBs
    36. Improvement of Drilling and Routing Machine utilization
    37. Yield improvement of IL with respect to opens and shorts
    38. Improve the yield of Drilling (Burrs and Debris)
    39. Reduction of Idle Cylinders at all Packaged Fill Station
    40. Reduction in No. of days outstanding / Accounts Receivables (DSO)
    41. Reduction in Order to Molecule Cycle time of Bulk Customer Installations –.
    42. Reduction of Liquid losses at ASUs
    43. Reduction of Water and Water Chemicals cost
    44. Maximize Cylinder Capacity Utilization
    45. Improve on-road performance of Cryo and CO2 bulk tankers
    46. Elimination of manufacturing defects in freezers
    47. Meet agreed / contracted LIN consumption at Kopran
    48. Optimization of tinning process parameters for reducing solder panels

    IT / ITES and Service Sectors

    1. Improving Process of Internal Customer Service for IT users
    2. Reduction in Radiography Response Time
    3. Optimization PG distribution costs
    4. Compliance to Excise related matters
    5. Control of fixed assets with registers & physical verification
    6. Reduce Bank and other financial charges for fund transfer, DD charges, discount charges, collection charges etc.
    7. Elimination of Design / Documentation errors of Freezers
    8. Reduction of Administrative expenses
    9. Reduction of Insurance Costs
    10. To improve review efficiency
    11. To reduce variation in Effort estimation
    12. To reduce bugs in Coding
    13. To improve productivity in call handling
    14. To reduce attrition rate in a BPO
    15. Improving Safety Performance
    16. Improve the hit rate of Application Projects (No. of sign ups/No. of proposals submitted)
    17. Reduce the lead time of trials/start up to commercialization
    18. To reduce Average Handle Time in Bell SMB ISP queue from current baseline by 50%

    Research Publications (Illustrative Only)

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