Client Speaks

  • Mr. Dinakar, Managing Director, Kennametal
    I have been associated with Prof. A. K. Chaudhuri for last 8 years. He has pioneered many breakthrough improvements in our organization through effective training and implementation of various quality tools and Six sigma methodology. He is a powerhouse of knowledge in Quality and Business excellence. He is an excellent guide and coach and our people have shown keen interest to learn from him and follow his guidelines. He has contributed substantially in improving our business performance. I look forward to my continued association with him in future also. I wish him the very best in his new endeavors.
  • Mr. Jose Fco González Prado, President and general Director of the Mexican Institute for Quality Control. Past Chairman of the Asia Pacific Quality Organization

    The difficulty of experimental design is gone when we listen to Arun Chaudhuri who teaches design of experiments in a very friendly and simple way while maintaining all the rigorist and significance of such techniques. I have listen Dr Taguchi and others but Arun teaches the Taguchi method better than all others.

    • Mr. B N Jha, Vice President, Corporate World Class Manufacturing, Aditya Birla Group

      I am one of the privileged disciple of Arun Da (Prof. AK Chaudhury) since 1980. Each time I get an opportunity to interact with him I learn a new concept or tool or application of the known tool. He is a highly student-friendly yet extremely effective teacher for students aging between 20 and 65. He has made complex statistical principles and tools so easy for organizations to understand that Top Management of companies illiterate in statistics fall in love with tools. His ability to analyze and find solutions to strategic as well as operational issues in large variety of organizations makes him an incredible Management Guru.


      • Ms. Sophie Joseph, Executive Director, Input Validation Processing & Output Consumer, AsiaPac, ACNielsen ORG – MARG Pvt Ltd

        In 2004, we experimented with Six Sigma through only 6 Projects and then leapfrogged into 26 and then there was no looking back. Till date we have successfully completed more than 100 Six Sigma projects and the return on investment has been more than 10 folds. Right through this journey of ISO, Continuous Improvement and Six Sigma, Prof. Arun Kumar Chaudhuri has been a guide and a constant source for inspiration. He always challenged the status quo and helped the management to dream a dream that otherwise would have been elusive. To say the least, he was the architect for our quality movement and has set a pace that will change the face of the organization.


        • Girdhar J. Gyani, Secretary General, Quality Council of India
          "Prof. A K Chaudhuri is highly gifted professional in the areas of Quality Management and Quality Technology encompassing application of statistical tools. I have known him as extremely committed person and wish him to continue facilitating industry sector in improving business processes for long long time to come.


        • Mr. Gh.Hadjikhani, Director—QD & QA, Iran Khodro Company
          In five years, we have trained 85 Champions, 25 MBBs, 86 BB’s, 766 GB’s, and 130 yellow Belts. We have completed 601 Six Sigma Projects with astounding dimensions of savings of US$ 5 Billions and amazing customer benefits. All of these could be achieved as we had a brilliant trainer and guide like Prof. A K Chaudhuri and his formation of a dedicated team here in our company. We are now implementing it in our suppliers’ companies and in the whole group of the largest automobile company in the Middle East.


        • Mr. Vikas Srivastava, Managing Director—Johnson & Johnson, Indonesia
          Prof Chaudhuri trained key Managers in J&J India and guided them through Six Sigma Green Belt projects leading to improved effectiveness and efficiency across our organization. Having attended his 2-week course, I can say that Prof Chaudhuri has an extremely engaging teaching style and makes the subject relevant to his audience - especially working managers. His subject matter expertise, unbridled passion and dedication to improvement have earned him our respect and admiration. Prof Chaudhuri never forgets a name or a project and I have known him to go out of his way to help his students even if meant an hour at Mumbai airport enroute somewhere. A great teacher and a friend – I wish him health, happiness & success always.